Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique

Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique promises a phenomenal waxing experience in a professional, clean and relaxing environment.  A small private boutique in the five points area of Raleigh where the owner and waxologist Helene Headington uses only the highest quality of European waxes for your hair removal. Hard wax for the most delicate areas (face, underarms, bikini services) and soft wax for the larger areas of the body. Sweet Pea wax is strong enough to pull even the coarsest of hair out of the follicle while leaving the skin nourished and extra soft. Helene has developed a great waxing technique from years of working on the Upper East Side of Manhattan  that ensures a quick and flawless wax with minimal pain. She also adheres to the highest levels of sanitation, NEVER DOUBLE DIPPING and always putting the health,  safety and comfort of her clients first. Sweet Pea Waxing Boutique looks forward to meeting all of your waxing needs, while offering you exceptional customer service.

History of the Brazilian Wax

The brazilian wax first became popular on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The exact date when brazilian waxing first started is unknown but likely occurred in the mid 70’s during the creation and fashion phenomenon of the thong bathing suit. Research credits seven brazilian born sisters for bringing the brazilian wax to the United States.  In 1987 Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judsela Padilha also known as the “J sisters” opened a small waxing studio in New York City bringing with them the ideas and techniques to remove most or all of the hair from the bikini area. In the last decades the brazilian wax has become an extremely popular method of hair removal and has since grown to be one of the most requested services performed in spas all accross the country.