Waxing No No’s

For the face area, we can not wax you if you have been using any retinol or alpha hydroxy products in the last seven days. Retin A, Renova, Differin, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Tazorac, Proactive, etc. All of these mentioned can enhance skin sensitivity that can lead to lifting of the skin.

If you have been using Accutane we can’t wax you anywhere. You should be off of this medication for at least one year.

Waxing is not recommended if you have a weakened immune system, diabetes, or are currently undergoing treatments for cancer .

Before you wax…

Be sure it has been 2 weeks since you last shaved or that your hair is 1/4 inch long.

Gently exfoliate the skin 24 hours before wax.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine for 12 hours prior to your wax as they can make waxing more painful.

Yes, you may still wax if you are on your menstrual cycle permitting you wear a fresh tampon, just realize that you may be more sensitive during this time.

Yes, you may wax while you are pregnant and up to a week before your due date. (with physician’s approval)

Lastly, just relax you’re with an experienced professional and in good hands.

After you wax...

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to waxing and you may find that you experience some level of redness, tenderness or bumpiness for up to a day. This is a normal reaction to removing hair from the follicle and your skin will quickly return to it’s smooth state.

To avoid skin irritation and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs, please wait at least 24 hours before you :

tan, exercise, expose self to heat, touch waxed area or wear tight clothing.

After three days gently exfoliate waxed area and continue to exfoliate weekly to prevent ingrown hairs.

Don’t shave or use depilatory cream in between waxes.

Come back for your next Sweet Pea Wax in 4 to 6 weeks.